The Next NBA

The Next NBA

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Players that need to call it quite: Some players just can't play like they use to anymore. They are having negative affects on their teams and they should really think about retiring.

1. S. Pippen; He had a great run with the Bulls but he is nowhere close to what he use to be. He missed a lot of games with Portland and almost missed the entire season with the Bulls. He should really think about joining Michael because he won't be able to do much for any team anymore. The Bulls are expecting way too much from him, in which he can't deliver.

2. R. Fox; He said that he plans to retire after this season. I totally support his decision. He is having a horrible year. He came off his injury and he pretty much sucks right now. He is nowhere playing as good as D. George when George was starting. The only reason why he is not #1 is because he is a role player and not expected to carry the team as much as Pippen.

3. G. Hill; The same as A. Morning, he has been on the injury list way too long. Orlando is paying him 13 mil. this season and will increase another mil. next season. This doesn't leave much room for them to sign anyone else. Even if Hill comes back, he won't be able to play to his fullest potential. Orlando better make good use of their draft pick.

4. A. Morning; He missed the entire season last year. Pretty much missed the entire season this year. This is the greatest disappointment for the Nets. Although they are only paying him about 5 mil., they gave up a lot of money to get rid of Mutombo as an exchange for him. I don't see him coming back any time soon and he should really think about calling it quite and clear some salary cap for the Nets to sign K. Martin after next season.

5. R. Miller; Although he is a starter, his minutes are less than Harrington. Harrington beats him in pts., reb., and stl. He still shoots pretty well from the 3 pt. line but his offensive contribution has decreased tremendously. He really should think about retiring and make room for Harrington or at least play off the bench.

6. V. Divac; He can still play for an old guy. The only problem with him is that he has the second highest contract on his team making about 12 mil. a year. That is twice what Stojakovic is making and only 2 mil. less than Webber. With B. Miller, they no longer need him and can make good use of his salary.