The Next NBA

The Next NBA

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NBA LIVE 2007 Update: There is potentially a class suit against NBA Live 2007 for misrepresentation of product features in PC version. In the game CPU don't sub in bench players and CPU starters don’t get tire. This makes the game useless, as for 48 min. you will only be playing against CPU’s five starters. There have been thousands of complaints. Although EA has mentioned that they will release a patch in the future, it is still uncertain when and if EA will resolve this issue. Blogger please support this issue and post it on your blogs to shine more light on this issue. Thanks.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

NBA LIVE 2007 PC REVIEW: All I can say is this game suck! It's worse than Live 2006! The most annoying thing is that CPU don’t sub in any of their bench players! Ridiculous, how can LIVE make such a stupid mistakes! There are too many other complaints to make about this game so I won’t waste my time!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chicago Bulls: No doubt, the Bulls will be the most anticipating team to watch this year. ESPN has been heaping about how good they are going to be but I just don't see it. When McGrady joined the Rockets, the media blasted all over the place about how the Rockets were the team to beat and how they’re going to destroy their division. We have yet to seem them make it pass the first round of the playoff and oh yeah, they also ended last in their division last season. Similar to the Rockets, the Bulls is a very inconsistent team. A lot of time, it’s not about the addition of players but the consistency of the team. Detroit is a well-established franchise and even without Wallace, they will still do better than the Bulls.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

All-Star 2006 Game: Well, what do you know? My prediction for L. James as MVP and the East winning could not have been more accurate. Maybe someone should start listening to the Next NBA instead of C. Barkley. Here is a quick recap of the game.

Most surprising
5. Free throw shooting was awful. I don’t have the stats but it must have been like 50% with one air-ball. Not naming who but it was a big guy from the East. Take a guess. Not that big guy, the other big guy.
4. The East came back with 17 pts down at half-time and won it with the defense of the 4 Pistons.
3. T. McGrady had a big game, scored about 34 points even though he’s depressed.
2. C. Bosh is no longer bald and P. Gasol has...a beard! Yeah, the last time I saw these two guys play was about 2 years ago. TNT and ESPN don’t broadcast either of these two teams.
1. Finally, those were some ugly uniforms. That surprised the hell out of me. What were they thinking!

Least surprising
5. Yao didn’t do much. He started the game but never gets to finish it.
4. The least turn over occurs when the four Pistons were in the game together.
3. Another high scoring game and again came down to the last minute.
2. C. Barkley being wrong again.
1. A lot of bad passes, a lot of turn overs, and a really poor ending to the game with a bad shot by McGrady and then a turn over by K. Brayant. Even the Rookie game was played better and more exciting. I guess that explains why the All-Star is broadcast through cable and no longer on national TV.
Modifying the All-Star Week-End: For modifying the all-star game next season, what I would really like to see is a rebounding contest for the top rebounders in the league. We have a skills challenge for guards, 3 point shooting contest for shooters, dunk contest for dunkers but we need a rebounding contest for guys like R. Evens and J. Foster. The sports tend to not value abilities to box out and grad rebounds, as it is not highlighted as skills. This contest can change this perception as well give credits to guys who work their ass of each night fighting under the board.
All-Star 2006: Sorry everyone, it’s been a long time since I posted. Been really busy lately. Started graduate school this year and I am also spending 20 hours a week working to get my license so I don’t have much time to blog anymore. I decided to start blogging again after reading End of the Bench. Check his blog out to get a recap on the All-Star Weekend. Man, it’s been so long, I had to look up the html on how to link to his site. It’s strange how easy you forget this stuff. But you got to do what you love or else life just isn’t as meaningful! That goes for you to McGrady. Keep playing basketball or else you would even be more depressed without the game and about 16 million dollars in your pocket.

For anyone who missed the All-Star weekend up this point, check out All-Star’s recap videos. I checked it out just to see Nate jump over Spub Webb again. As for the All-Star game coming up in about 30 minutes, I would really like to see McGrady or Yao take home MVP. They are in Houston but the way Yao has been playing and how depressed McGrady is; it’s not going to happen. My prediction for MVP is L. James and as much as I like to see Yao do well, I think the East will win now that Shaq is on their side.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

CBS Sports top ten player rankings: 1) K. Garnett 2) L. James 3) D. Nowitzki 4) A. Iverson 5) T. McGrady 6) S. Marion 7) K. Bryant 8) T. Duncan 9) A. Stoudemire 10) D. Wade

All I got to say is, what about this guy?

No, not this guy-------> that guy

Yeap, that is S. Nash, 1996.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Yao Ming, leading the All-Star in voting: Not only has his numbers got worse from the previous year, but his team is having an extremely hard time winning with him. His FG %, FT%, rebounding, blocking, and assist dropped. He is also turning the ball over more than 3 times per game, the only category he seems to be leading all Centers in. Even though his performance is decreasing, his popularity just seems to keep rising as he leads all NBA players in all-star voting, for the third season. It is astonishing to see a guy at 7 “6” do the things he does, but it is only so long before questioning if we all are over exaggerating his talents and possibly his potential. Even L. James and A. Stoudemire are playing beyond their expectations.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Cuttino Mobley traded for Doug Christi: I guess Peja is getting what he wants. Looks like he will be traded, now that they found a 3 point shooter to replace him. The only question is where and who, especially now that Artest is no longer an option. I would love to see Peja get traded for Ginobili. They both have identical salary and they are exactly what the other teams need. Spurs are very good defensively and can use a shooter like Peja. Ginobili is like Christi and Peja combined, O.K. like Christi and Mobley combined but everyone knows Ginobili got skills. Lets make it happen!