The Next NBA: 11/01/2004 - 12/01/2004

The Next NBA

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Self-Defense or Just Beating the Crap out of the Fans: I am so tired of hearing all this bo shit about R. Artest, J. O’neal, and S. Jackson just defending themselves. After B. Wallace tried to choke Artist, it was stated that Artest was “resting peacefully on the bench.” What a bunch of crap, yes Artest was lying down, but he was lying down like the little cocky bitch that he is! Rubbing it in the face of all Detroit players and fans. How can it be self-defense? A fan threw a cup of water at him and he goes up into the crowd and tries to beat the crap out of him. Beating someone up for throwing water at you is not self-defense! Also S. Jackson threw the first punch out of all the punches. And then another fan comes into the court and then Artest automatically punched him. Then O’neal comes and punched the crap out of him too. If you watch the highlights closely, you can tell in one of the scenes that one security cop took out a pepper spring and was ready to spray Artest, trying to defend the fans. The security cop obviously felt that the fans were the one in danger. The NBA organization fucked up this time by trying to cover-up for the stupid and tempering behaviors of R. Artest, S. Jackson, and J. O’neal. From my personal perspective, it was never self-defense. The players were never in the situation where they were in danger. Fans hitting the players result in much greater consequences than players hitting the fans. The players always had the power and they instigated everything by continuously punching the crap out of the fans. Artest should be suspended for the rest of the season! His behaviors displayed that he has no intention of playing this year and he is consciously trying to start shit to promote his album. Suspend the fucker and let him work on his album. I understand that these players are worth millions and the NBA needs to protect them but from what I saw, they need no protections when they were the one doing most of the punching.