The Next NBA: 03/01/2004 - 04/01/2004

The Next NBA

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Offense VS Defense: Who would win?

Defensive team..............Offensive team
C: B. Wallace..................Z. Randolph
F: A. Kirilenko..................D. Nowitzki
F: R. Artest.....................P. Stojakovic
G: M. Ginobili...................M. Redd
G: D. Armstrong.............S. Nash

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Should international players like Dirk, Peja, Ginobili, Yao and Kirilenko: be encouraged, asked, and maybe even pressure to play for US in the Olympic? After all, US are the ones spending millions of dollars in training and shaping them to become the great players that they are. There is a good chance that we will never see any of these players suit up for the US. I for one won't mind seeing Yao or any of these other players dress in red, white, and blue and play competitively against their native countries.

Friday, March 19, 2004

2004 Olympic Roster
PG- J. Kidd, M. Bibby
G- K. Bryant (questionable), R. Alley, A. Iverson
SF- T. McGrady, K. Garnett (questionable)
F- T. Duncan, K. Malone (questionable)
C- S. O'neal (questionable), J. O'neal

K. Malone will probably not go because of health issues, Bryant because of legal issues, S. O'neal and K. Garnett are still thinking because they rather just be sitting at home doing nothing. If Garnett gets M.V.P. and he doesn't go, I will be very disappointed. The lack of motivation for NBA players to go to the Olympic has been very disappointed over the years, especially when the competition overseas are so much better now. During the 2002, USA took 6th, how sad. C. Webber and Z. Randolph were not invited because of legal problems in the last few months. B. Wallace and B. Miller are the main candidates to replace S. O'neal and K. Garnett if they decide not to go. Other players that were not considered are B. Davis and R. Artist which can add range and defense.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

G. Hill: is no longer returning this year. Although G. Hill was one of the best point forward to ever play the game, he has been sidelined for so long that must of us have probably forgotten what he can do or if he can still do it anymore. 02-03, he only averaged 14.5 pts., grabbed 7 reb. and dash out about 4 ast. per game for a total of 29 games. Although those numbers are't horrible, it's nothing compared to his 25-point averaged in Detroit before he was injure. If anyone remember his last return, it was nothing more than a struggle to get back into basketball shape. Whenever he returns, Magics will definitely be happy to see him. They've been struggling all year with their SG position. G. Hill's return probably will not do much to Magic's win column but maybe we will see McGrady broadcast more on National TV. (post edited 3/11/04)

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

D. Rodman & I. Rider:, David DuPree, USA TODAY's NBA guru said, "I don't think Dennis Rodman has much of a chance of getting picked up. What can he do? He's a poor man's Ben Wallace, a very poor man, at that. He'd be a distraction and I just can't see what value he would bring to a team other than as a gimmick. Isaiah Rider is out of the league because he can't play any longer and I think he has as much chance of getting picked up as Rodman does."

Do you agree, are they physically not able to play anymore or is it more like what Rodman said about the NBA not giving him a contract to rub it in his face, to get back at him. He also said that he is good at what he does (rebouding, playing defense ). Rider said that if he gets a chance the coach is going to have to worry about him taking away the starting SG spot. Can these two guys still do what they once were very good at? Are there teams out there that really should sign them?