The Next NBA

The Next NBA

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

WWF and NBA: Someone over at Eightball Magazine claims that the NBA sucks because it's like WWF (now known as WWE).

I am drawing a comparison between the WWF and the NBA because I think the NBA and professional wrestling have a lot in common. Well for one, the referees in both sports have a terrible habit of looking the other way when the bad guy is doing an illegal move. If you have seen the NBA lately you know that what they don't call is more comical than what they do call. The end results are about as fixed as a wrestling match as well. Fixed in the sense that when you give someone a ticket to do whatever they want on the court to insure that they stay in the game while everyone else on the court can get ejected I say the games are fixed. The NBA learned from the NFL that you protect the star player. The longer he stays in the game the longer they will watch. That is why Quarterbacks are treated like such pussies.

Jordan played 12 seasons and never fouled out a game to my recollection. You couldn't even give him a dirty look without a foul being called and I am pretty damn sure I have seen Phil Jackson pass Jordan a foreign object from his shorts ever now and then.

It's kind of funny because most of it is actually true.