The Next NBA

The Next NBA

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Utah Jazz, a racist team?: Everyone knows Utah is conservative. J. Sloan said before that he refused to start anyone who is under 21. But this morning, I was pondering if Utah is in fact a racist organization. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the Jazz. They were my favorite team until K. Malone and J. Stockton left.

1) Last season, they were probably the only team that can potentially start all white players. C. Arroyo, G. Giricek, A. Kirilenko, T. Gugliotta, and G. Ostertag.

2) In the past 10 years, they had more white players on their roster than blacks. Right now 8/15 of their players are white. That’s unheard of in the NBA.

3) For the past 10 or so years, the majority of the starters were white. Eg. J. Stockton, J. Hornacek, B. Russell, K. Malone, G. Ostertag.

4) They kept Ostertag for 9 years, 9 years!

5) They refused to start R. Bell instead of Giricek even though Bell was having his best season ever. They even started Pavlovic over Bell even though he was playing out of position!

6) 5/6 of the coaching staff are white, J. Sloan, P. Johnson, G. Chiesa, M. McKown, G. Briggs, and finally the lone man, T. Corbin. He’s just there because of affirmative actions.

7) Utah favor drafting white players first, 2001 R. Lopez, 2002 they drafted two black players, R. Humphrey and J. Sampson only because they were rights traded to Orlando and Memphis, 2003 A. Kirilenko, and 2004 K. Humphries who people have said is a racist person.

8) Finally if Okur was black, would they even think about offering him $50/6?